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Antler King

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Combine tested proprietary flavoring and irresistible ingredients derived over 30-years of deer nutrition research and you get Final Feast!

  • Proprietary flavoring outperforms other well known attractants by 2x!
  • Ideal product for placing in front of your game cameras or your stand
  • An additive and Irresistible all-season attractant

Antler King has researched deer feeds and ingredients that make up deer feeds for nearly 30 years. Antler King has found that when you combine certain ingredients along with a special proprietary flavoring, an irresistible, addictive attractant is the result… FINAL FEAST is that attractant, made only by Antler King! Use FINAL FEAST in front of your deer cameras to scout and get bucks accustomed to coming to those locations. Attract deer and be assured, they’ll keep coming back for more! Just pour out and get ready to hunt! Pour directly on the ground in 2-3″ deep strips or in small hill sized piles near the area you want to hunt or in front of your game cameras. Use FINAL FEAST to give yourself the edge to ATTRACT, HOLD, and HARVEST the Trophy of a Lifetime!
addictive, irresistible deer attractant.

  • Designed to attract deer in fall and winter.
  • Special proprietary flavoring deer will love.
  • 22% protein and 10% fat.
  • Research shows that a minimum of 16% protein diet is required for maximum antler and body development.
  • Can be added to feed to increase consumption and attraction.
  • Game camera friendly.

Final Feast will attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using.

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